Relics and Remixes catalogue; published by Mannheimer Kunstverein & Peter Zimmermann Galerie, 2015.
With texts by Martin Stather & Andrea Medjesi-Jones.
ISBN: 978-3-00-049210-5
Price: 40€
Available for purchase from Peter Zimmermann Galerie

Sean Dawson Studio Book which shows an overview of works from 2004-2012, can be purchased
from the Blurb bookstore

Polyphonic Abstraction;
by Mark Gisbourne in Neue Abstraktion exhibition catalogue. Published by Fahnemann Galerie, Berlin. Sept 2011 (see 'news' page)

Sean Dawson: artist profile
; Verena Ummenhofer, pp158-161, Kunstforum International, Issue 206: New Abstraction. Jan/Feb 2011

Rohkunstbau Essay XVII
(extract), by Mark Gisbourne, extract from "From Present Future to Future Past", p42, Rohkunstbau XVII exhibition catalogue. July-Sept 2010

Sean Dawson - New Paintings;
Jo Mitchell, extract in Rohkunstbau XVII catalogue. July 2010

Silent Glitch
at Buchmann Galerie;
Jane Neal, p125, Modern Painters. March Issue 2006

The Kingdom of Incest;
Sean Dawson by Cedar Lewisohn, EAST International catalogue, 2004 (This is a work of partial fiction.)

212121Painting: From Postconceptualism to Recontextualism;
Brian Muller, pp32-41, Contemporary Issue 58. Dec 03/Jan 04.

Sean Dawson
- profile;
Richard Dyer, pp46-49, Contemporary magazine, Issue 58. Dec 03/Jan 04 (under Back Issues - 212121 Painting)